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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Kate Winslet with Vomate in her New film

 The shell of her new film, Winslet on the "genocide" to vomit "not sure". Homemade cake for a friend's home and a lot of whiskey - - British actress plays a middle class person who is sick for more than finished all of the precious collection of art books, and a terrible scene when, I would have found interesting.

The shell of her new film, she said: "Ah, yes, indeed, was the scene of the memorable days of vomiting, it was only the second time that I placed on the screen ..." But with many of the words in my mouth and I was vomiting, which are not possible. Very detailed, including, without manipulation of very complex, and some are leery of the CGI was very worried.inslet on the "genocide" to vomit "not sure". Homemade cake for a friend's home and a lot of whiskey - - British actress plays a middle class person who is sick for more than finished all of the precious collection of art books, and a terrible scene when, I would have found interesting.

"I went back home and in the cracks of my fingers through my hair, which was, and only when we shot this scene, it all ourselves so we were happy." The lasting impression left on the scene as a child - Mia, her marriage to Jim Threapleton, and Joe, 11, and seven of his second marriage, to Sam Mendes - who were fascinated when they are open to visitors on fire.

In an interview with Empire magazine, said: "My children, and it literally sick to work and they do not then stop as it is." "Genocide", the first 2012 in the Roman Polanski directed by, will be released.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cutting the cost of assets of $ 7.3b in Congo

He is charged with international donors to the Democratic Republic of Congo ahead of elections in the Central African country next week for a blow on the fire sale of mineral resources and unfair to assume.

Documents uncovered by a British MP that the Congo, one of the world's poorest countries, President Joseph Kabila of the Republic of state mining assets overseen a series of secretly married to a U.S. $ 5.5 billion dollars (7.3 billion dollars) is lost. The country's net foreign companies, public activity in the last four years, during which the British Virgin Islands, out of the market value of off-owned sector and sales of some rich mines.

Unannounced, and invited any other offers - concessions for sale - one of the values ​​of 1 / 16, which went for. Congo's government, despite the fire sale of the responsibility on the international byanjaka. International Monetary Fund (IMF-) Democratic Republic of the Congo for the loan of U.S. $ 551 million two years ago, more transparency in the mining and conditional approval.

British MP Eric Joyce, who chairs the African Great Lakes and all the party groups. "Republic of the Congo, people are losing their natural resources, and tax revenue and jobs, such as the IMF-and the world's governments to agree to the Kabila government will enforce standards to achieve the" Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is decade of civil war, U.S. $ 20 trillion, and the consumption of mineral resources. The amount of money lost U.S. $ 80 per person in the country - the international aid budget for the entire country, which is valued at more than $ 3.1 billion U.S. dollars.

Republic of the Congo's budget accounts for half of Western aid. "This is the news that a big financial help to the serious attitude of the Congo, and the impact will be among the donors," said Jason Stearns, analyst Congo. Bahati said Modeste Lukwebo, Chairman of the Audit Committee of the National Economic and financial, being ignorant of the state government-owned mining company, declined to comment on that.

Kabila, who is ten years after coming to power, a strong anti-sizes of 28 November elections. He changed the Constitution of the United States this year, against the opposition candidate - to avoid a run off.

Salma Hayek playing with Golden Ball on Red Carpet

Red carpet, Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas, but usually a celebrity on this site. In Berlin, and all the Hollywood stars as well as attracting large eggs, and a film appearance.

Banderas and Hayek, 51 (45), photographers, and hospitality to support a host of more fun, and it was really fun for them. It was, no doubt, large eggs, because the child's personality, a goose egg on the couch with a cat trying to steal the film and Banderas.

It is very heavy, and comics twenty years with the other, you can smile at the camera. Mother, Hayek, ruffles and a black dress, matching socks and shiny patent heel and consideration. Burgundy, black hair and a ponytail with a warm up to the end and wore a heavy jacket. His co-star game a tie and black suit with a beautiful looking.

With a very open government, and a golden egg in your arms just before his film. Beans, not without penalty, but not the last, perhaps the start of a golden goose egg, it found a way. Film, and Billy Bob Thornton and will remain, and Zach's idea.

Facebook with new Software Company

WhoGlue the famous Software company has been acquired by the ever famous Facebook. What is Facebook and how the company had given the company Hardebeck Palo Alto, California, will be disclosed to and use of technology. The agreement to close this month. Logo can not be reached for comment. He said he was returning to purchase a brand Hardebeck enough, software and WhoGlue WhoWare, to be able to service a customer base that is independent of the recent Facebook. And his new company will operate under the name of WhoGlue LLC.

What about the management of software development, call on WhoGlue 2001. The U. S. Naval Academy and the University of Ohio State Varsity "O" Alumni Association of the graduates of long-term partnership with the Association as a group. In 2003, WhoGlue acquired intellectual property PolyPol, and start by improving backed by Siemens.

When you first signed with the company logo in September 2009 WhoGlue prosecute. The patent infringement WhoGlue Facebook, which is 2007 in the "information management system" to control personal information WhoGlue was awarded for the claim. Hardebeck said the lawsuit was resolved in March 2010. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hussain Haqqani resigned Ambassadorship

Husain Haqqani, the United States, Osama bin Laden in Pakistan after the killing last May to ask for help to avoid a military takeover of the accused to prepare a memorandum. Ambassador denied that the allegations made by pressure groups, the United States-based.

Under the intense pressure of a class already strained relations between Pakistan's civilian and military leaders have been developed. Pakistan's civilian and military leaders on Tuesday after meeting with his resignation - Mr. Haqqani was invited last week in Islamabad. "We have to PM Gilani to the United States, the National Post to my resignation has been accepted," shortly after meeting privately with the other.

State television said that his resignation has been accepted. "I am free of prejudice and intolerance, and the building of a new Pakistan does not have to contribute," Haqqani said in another Twitter post. "We have the power.'s Focus will be," Pakistani President Asif Zardari and army chief and head of intelligence services, after a meeting with his resignation.

The Prime Minister and the Reuters news agency that he requested Mr. Haqqani, and the resignation of the notes will be an investigation, a spokesman for his office. More than any role in the formulation or delivery note Mr. Haqqani, a close ally of President Zardari, denied. However, the former U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Michael Mullen, President of the United States recently, that he had received a secret message. But he did not pay any attention to any steps that do not follow.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Peace among Pakistan and Taliban

The government of arming the Taliban leaders in recent months and held preliminary discussions with senior Taliban leaders in peace, intelligence officials said government.

This is according to an interview published on Monday, the government, which is the civilian, military, tribal, in the last six months, the Pakistani intelligence officer said the Taliban, the Taliban movement in the primary and the media, the higher the better, including a delegation of former officials.

"Yes, we were discussing this, but it is an initial stage, and will see if there will be a breakthrough," a move - E - (TTP), according to the Reuters news agency that senior military leaders. Taliban peace deal between the authorities and security and the war that claimed the lives of thousands of civilians to represent the last best hope.

In South Waziristan on the Afghan border, the report focuses on the wide reach of the armistice has been extended. Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Pakistan Taliban commander in South Waziristan, the Pakistani army and a number of prisoners, including the need to create a rule closely associated with the release. Pakistani Taliban in the past have failed to achieve stability. The group is very important, and integration, peace and the beginning of a new attack, and hard segments of the population on the basis of this concept on a specific area of ​​assignment.

Tribal mediator as a "very difficult" for talks and described. The Pakistani military and government officials for comment were not immediately available. "At the moment, this is the stage of South Waziristan, and if you are successful, we can talk about all the tribal areas, an agreement," said he, Pashtuns along the Afghan border to the ground. Said Yousuf Raza Gilani, Pakistan's prime minister in October that his government is ready to hold talks with the Taliban.

"We do not ask them [armed fighters] to be negotiations before the insulation against the tribal culture, the political agent [the tribal areas of government officials] to resort to ask themselves," said Gilani. The United States, and aid for Pakistan's economy is a vital source of billions of dollars, please Taliban, describing it as a terrorist group in peace talks with the emergence of a potential.

Officials in Pakistan at the joint between the Taliban government intelligence agency (ISI) of Balochistan, who was kidnapped, and five officers of the interview - A trust. The peace in the days of violence in the south-west of the country, where gunmen ambushed a convoy of troops to the border, killing 14 government soldiers. "Commander of the Fourteenth Army staff, and killed several others wounded. Baloch militants were involved," Morteza flushing, and an army spokesman said on Monday.

Ten others in the attack who was wounded Musa Khel district, 150km north-east of the provincial capital of Quetta in space. It was the scene of an attack on a prominent city, where two other soldiers are killed in a bomb blast on Saturday. The BLA claimed a separatist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Giant Eagle Game Report

Stand on the Philadelphia Eagles and New York on November 20 under the dark shadow of the shadow phase. Stand on it to play, Eagles found a way as to be dissatisfied with himself as the Philadelphia fans. If he was in New York yet, it's a bird killed and six weeks after the season officially began for Andy Reid to a bad call. But Philly's victory makes us wonder why this can not happen every season.

Stand on the war is not - Eagles Philadelphia does not think the vast majority of games - especially the birds alive in the fourth and got a win away from Vince Young (notes). In fact, this product can now wait until 17.10 the winner makes the team wonder why. The first three quarters, Eagles Club, and they perform a year for a large part of the show. For one thing, Stand on the elephant to the ground and it can not be found. On the other hand, DeSean Jackson (notes), it was a punt return for the first time since his last visit to the stadium MetLife. Vince Young, but he is more familiar with three interceptions, however, that Philadelphia does not hurt - at least for three quarters.

Ancient birds and Eli Manning (notes) throws the book Stand on it right after two tie commission appears ready to sign. With the score 10-10, and it was that young people give for returning the ball and fall asleep when I have to wait and Stand won by former powerful self-defense. But the best way or another, Stand on the ball does not go to youth up to 18 instruments at a run, plays the six third-down conversion, and Riley Cooper (notes) threw to the bottom.

This is like an engine, particularly in the last minute, and do not have these vultures. It was always elusive thing, but at this stage it is difficult to understand than the previous one. Philadelphia, where it was in previous versions of the 20-point loss to New York to the San Francisco 49ers in the polluted, or against the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals during the fourth quarter, or?

Even when the Eagles actually won a real team, and a delay of weeks before the star can be valuable because it is polluted by it. 6.4 or earlier will be much better if this kind of Philadelphia. This type, which is completely closed down the operation to keep the team, led by a star in the Gulf, around all of the instruments, and the defense wore down the opposition when it was likely to account for all the "Dream Team" roster.

It's really a fan of the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys, when they beat the Eagles in October. Turning gold, and to be empty after the next two years, and this victory is likely to determine the level of the path on the long-term look foolish. One night was not supposed to Philadelphia to see the same in every season. But it seems that it can display only two of the group and once or.   

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Police moved really wild protesters from NY

Police in helmets and shields on the clean pareche Zuccotti Park in New York City Neighborhood Finance, where protesters have camped occupies the movement to carry on Wall Street - New York (Reuters).

Office of the Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the New York City, demonstrators Park tents and tarpaulins, and removal of "temporary and should be left". Park near a crowd of hundreds of demonstrators and the police, and that the progress of the demonstrators had been fired. He said police spokesman Paul Browne, the city and the park owner, Brookfield Properties Bureau, demonstrators issued a publication that he soon became clear 01:00 (06:00 GMT) after the park clean.

Brown said the 15 people on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, he has been arrested. City of Brookfield, and the pilot decided that the "continuous Occupation of the health and Zuccotti Park garden that prevailed, and the city and the surrounding community first responders to impose a security risk." Brown said most people were left in peace, but there are still people refuse to leave a short pitch of the middle class group. The demonstrators said they want the land back to the park, but without their tents, and self.

Authorities to identify the bright lights of the garden, and the people to keep them away, and police cordoned off the site. Protesters set Sept. 17 Zuccotti Park camp on the financial system, they say, and enriched with most of the benefits the company. Movement of similar protests against economic inequality, Wall Street occupies, and in some cases, led by the police, violent conflict has been raised.

Tuttlebee Samantha (35 years) in the city of Brooklyn chapter of demonstrators to the medical tent in the garden when the assault was voluntary. He said they did not park the bus. "I am and put my arms behind my back up, and they were really wild," Tuttlebee. "We try and leave out of our mind." Police moved to the camp from Monday, demonstrators, anti-Wall Street Oakland, California, and sterilization, and the occupants of the tents down, when the Portland, Oregon, police confronted demonstrators, on Sunday about a 1000 estimate.

The protesters said on Wall Street and they were in on Thursday, is expected to close on Wall Street - the headquarters of the New York Stock Exchange - Carnival of the street, and economic discrimination against the two-month period of work anniversary party.

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Hunger Games a beautiful Novel

Fans around the world from hunger games "for many improvements, it was on March 23 during the first reason, Lionsgate has been full of bad luck for the expanded plant.

We have a few minutes to the North is weak, but strong heroin Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and his colleagues Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and returned to the Capitol building, of great importance, which is a bright environment, pay rent to the poor unfortunates, who is 12 and a region, which is both, and Mellark Everdeen cold.

"Hunger games," uninitiated, a novel, best selling collection of Susan Collins, and the Capitol area and luxury in poor countries by the central government rules will serve most of the vision in the future. The previous Intifada against the Capitol, a reminder of an annual "Hunger Games" is set in a contest where both young men and sudden death, 12, 12 and 17 years of competition. Medicines out of trailer.

"Child 12 provinces, unrequited love, Gail Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth), a trailer, which indicates that the character Katniss book" Some movies are often shown to be the memory Katniss, a former screen is difficult.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mario Monti with Italy Government now

Mario Monti, the Italian economist, a new government is formed to try to agree to try to avoid financial disaster. Palace officials announced that the former president of the European Competition Commissioner, official commissions received from President Giorgio Napolitano.

Mr. Monte is currently managed by a Council of Ministers to establish and develop priorities and whether it has enough parliamentary support to govern effectively can. Hours earlier, the government of the structure of Silvio Berlusconi gave a stern appproval Mr. Monte, but stressed that it is not only long enough to implement economic reforms.

Berlusconi resigned Saturday, reluctantly and under pressure from the market. Monte was a first attempt to form a new government will be able to get to work, stressing that the nation can heal its financial killing. He said that this work will be done "from a sense of responsibility and service to this nation."

Italy and the resumption of growth, he said, "You will be healed", because today's leaders owe it to future generations.  

Syria suspend Votes by Arab League

President Bashar al-Assad in for a stinging rebuke, the Arab League voted Wednesday for his failure to take action immediately to implement a peace plan aimed at a ceremony last month in the country in turmoil, Syria overhang.

Suspension takes effect on Wednesday, the planning commission and the university this month will be determined by the delay, agreed with Syria to comply. University, which is 22 members, who met in Cairo, warned that the demonstrations against Syria and its economy stronger international business under the weight of the assignment has already been approved, you may be in the Arab countries experience economic and political approval.

"Syria and all of our dear country, and we decided that it hurts," said Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-thani of Qatar at the end of the meeting. "We hope to have a real reform to stop the violence, and Syria about the bold step to start a real dialogue." He pointed that the Arab countries in Damascus, the capital to their ambassadors from Syria, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, for example, some have already come out that quickly, has been taken.

The United Nations estimates, about eight months of bloodshed that killed 3,500 people in the country. League peace plan that Syria's armed forces from populated areas, release of political prisoners and the withdrawal of the opposition to start dialogue with the other measures. We need to break the hostilities.

The Arab League and saw how many of your own peace plan to respond to the challenge of being compelled to see the lion. In fact, there are likely to be seen off. He was still working in the Arab regional group, which is often what is going to Syria and to continue to isolate Damascus diplomatically stressed the seriousness of the criticism is ill. Assad's authoritarian rule and violence of civil war, the possibility raised in the proper Undermined by Israel, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are located on the border.

In Syria and Iran, Hezbollah and Lebanon-based, issued a stern warning that a close alliance against Syria and foreign intervention. And support the Arab League voted that Libya bombing campaign, which led to power more than 40 years after the overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, west of paved road. Jassim, Qatar on Saturday emphasized that the proposals have been moved to Syria was not an intervention.

League brokered peace agreement with Syria to ensure they comply with more than 500 prisoners after release, and amnesty for militants who surrender, and declared, "there is no blood on their hands."

Opposition calls for false moves, and he stepped up the attack on Damascus, especially in the central city of Homs, insurgency of the focal points, where rights activists say dozens have been killed in the last two weeks. On Saturday, the opposition, the political violence that has killed at least 18 people, Homs, with eight.

Assad said the government has control over his mind, but will fight Islamic insurgents financed from abroad. Damascus says killed more than 1000 and that the security and armed "gangs" ambushes, bombings and assassinations of a busy campaign.

The state League of Arab nationalism and Arab nationalism of our ruling as a symbolic blow to the discretion of the guardians. It was 2000 in his father, Hafez Assad, Syria and hard as a 30-year-old president, Bashar al-Assad after the death of the service.     

News: Threat to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is safe and sound. Perry is set on a hillock, and death threats from the "marriage counselor, and" they are all a bunch of rumors.
In fact, a reality TV star, with Perry cast his new film, fans were surprised, and have no problem with their anger and frustration on their website at. One commentator, and Human Resources, Hudson wrote, "I am the film, Kim's marriage counselor in your motivation." I have no respect for the sacred institutions of marriage, Kim Kardashian. And will be treated as if it was a joke."

Casting news on the noise and not somewhere to go, but the Kardashian gossip from Hollywood Reporter confirms that no "truth". car was acting like a report, indicating that Kim was "high" is a joke, and Holly Robinson Peete has been assigned to the security of the Hollywood live.

Blacktress "We can not always rely on the mound Perry", "function" show, said Peete. "Thus, the 'blacktresses' unhappy pictures. All" in the criticism and rumors, Kim, who married Judith, consultants, best friend, lava, and the game is going to be adversity. Perry confirmed to TMZ, "is scheduled to work as planned."

Kim must be used in a huff. Just this week, and her former husband, the New York Post that her ex-husband when the marriage ceremony was held in full, Chris Humphries, was a lawyer, decided to come up with the ads. 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

News: Paterno fired at last

United States Senator in Pennsylvania, and Toomey, Republican, and Bob Casey, a Democrat, on Thursday said the country's highest civilian honor, for his support for the nomination Paterno, the recent withdrawal from the event.

Paterno turning the Republican nomination this year, Glenn Thompson. He left the office immediately respond to messages.

September is three feet, and his contribution to sports and education based. Paterno's former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky on child sexual abuse scandal, including a ban on Wednesday.

Paterno will also lost his medal for his efforts for presidential freedom that he has made for his team.

Turkey Quake as disaster

Disaster Management Bureau, said the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in eastern Turkey and seven people were killed on Wednesday, less than three weeks after the devastating earthquake in the same area, 600 killed.

Found twenty-three people are flat and debris from the survivor and seven earthquakes in the time of their life is missing, from a management disaster and emergency department head under. Deputy Prime Minister Bashir Atalay by the previously announced five-year mortality. How much human rubble under the rivet was clear he was not.

Television footage can be saved, find the rescuers show. Earthquake in 1923, when GMT eyes and Edremit 15 van of the province to kilometers (nine miles), centered in, and according to the Kandilli Observatory Istanbul-based pharme. 5.6 size of U. Geological Survey, set before it is 5.7 to improve it.

And Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu earthquake collapsed scene from the 25 buildings 0.22, was empty. "Search and rescue operations at three buildings are increasing," he added. Earthquake last residents of the panic driven. Television, said that the TV has two collapsed buildings and hotels in particular.

You know the hotels, which were that the death toll to rise as a number do not know. U. Geological Survey said the epicenter was 16 kilometers (10 miles), a van on the south, and five kilometers (3.1 miles), as well as deep. And fresh air quake zone to about 300 rescuers carried to the national television and also completed the arc lamp under mechanical excavators with a free one out. Fell on October 23, which is more than 600 people were killed and 4150 more than injuring the region's 7.2-magnitude earthquake strain bore.It was not. 
'It would be premature to say whether an earthquake or tremor,' said Professor Mustafa Erdik NTV director of the Kandilli Observatory. The subsequent declaration, the observatory said it was a separate earthquake. In the last earthquake, Turkey and many in Israel, including the countries, and Armenia, two countries with the frosty relationship to help you move on. Earthquake in Van province in many cells of Iran near, Van regional capital of more than 5,000, including the demolition, and construction standards of respect to lack of demand growth.

Turkey because of their many faults are inclined earthquake. In 1999, the two most populous area and northwest Turkey Industrial Development, and some 20,000 people strong earthquake death.  

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

News of Alaska Weather

Alaska and the Bering Sea on the remote, a storm the National Weather Service in accordance with "epic size" of the coast, and high winds and blizzard conditions to serve the local villages.

40-55 mile per hour winds along the coast 85 miles an hour with a whirlwind of energy. And a cautious forecast for 30-foot waves, and 80-10 feet above normal sea level. Even in the western state of Alaska, the windiest place in one, and this storm was a terrific way out of the ordinary.

"Worst of all Bering Sea, a strong wind and large scale storms, coastal flooding will be," he said in a warning from the weather service. "This storm is very severe and rare and epic size of life - will be threatened by the experience."
Low causes severe weather in the region and population density,. Naomi has a population of 3500 with the largest communities on the coast. Many small villages, Inupiat, and the Alaska State Office of Emergency Management, and people were warned to go to higher ground.

Joe Paterno career scandals news

The achievement of six decades, and the entire adult life in the university's commitment to advancing the mission will be more cases of child neglect and sexual violence committed by Paterno Jerry Sandusky and sin can not carry. These are the things that brought him to Paterno that this is not fate. Sandusky does not have to.

"It's a tragedy," Paterno, a statement of his retirement, which the university on Wednesday morning, announcing that it was. "It's my life, Jesus was great, and with the benefit of hindsight, I wish I was not over." Paterno's legacy built on the idea that the highest standard will be branded with the stigma of defeat to test our faith. It's easy and cheap white socks that play the most famous American in the underlying weakness. But if we do that JoePa good and right, and some of them, I pray you can not trust, we can believe in?

More than 62, post 46 seasons and coach, Paterno and his players and his university itself is held at a higher level. Evidence that the "grand experiment", he said in his youth, who rules by the athlete who has earned this area, and classroom structure can best college football game. Paterno may be arbitrary. It must be the most sacred, that you can. But behind all the attitude and Paterno stood for, such as virtue, honor, as, and wild game, and is expressed through violence, and completely captivating college football.

Paterno weeks shy of his 85 birthday gala, and all that was not so little, so as never to stand for. Paterno also bore his body started to betray him. Aside to work on his contemporaries, he can not thrive under pressure. Darrell Royal, only the elder Paterno two years, 1976 in Burns. Bear Bryant died in 1983, his insides and eat it to alleviate the shortage.

Bobby Bowden, Paterno offered a win-win seasons over a decade as a result, got the 2009 to set aside enough to win when he stops. Omar said on the football field, Paterno will not be low. The State party was a Penn 46 8.1 log tail. Since I turned 78 this year, the university, who asked him to resign and he refused, Paterno past 66-20 (.767 winning percentage), and the BCS bowls that are trained. He won 409 games, a great history of college football more than any other coach.

In recent years, as you press box, his body's weakness to a donation from a number of games will be coached. But the bottom line in this business, Paterno days until he reached the train stopped. In fact, he does not close the old asphalt. Paterno did his graduate assistant Mike McQueary said in March 2002, it failed to import. Paterno, like many of his generation, and such immoral actions behind closed doors and that the state failed to detect any agreement. He is charged with the crime as a community Referred Sandusky's indescribable. Nothing can be translated for a long period of time.

Briefly, this is a societal change, a good thing. Pennsylvania is a public response to the complaint, and to be more precise, what I did, about the violent nature of some of his victims. Visits and small, and the crime that affects the psychological impact of perverse holiday - you do not visit. Since the state of Pennsylvania, Linda Kelly, Attorney General, Sandusky, November 5, the results of a juror, from craze growth of this kind usually reserved for the planned Hollywood or Washington.

And angry public. The public wants blood. Loud and deep moral superiority and long-term cries. Paterno can not do what? Answer is no less real for being cruel - all evidence of the past, we are plain to see. Paterno, who disregard the accused's record high is around 62 years cover. This is the standard deviation of coordination and bureaucracy of risk for young boys to be difficult to reconcile. Paterno did not know, but we believe that a young son and a Sandusky forced to do it does not just strain credulity, and it eviscerates.

Paterno remains a blur to a failure of the pure and the law on its reputation can not be repaired. Sandusky and his decision to step down because of neglect, which satisfy the public appetite. "I look into the case by development, I grieved and said," Paterno. "I'm sorry, call the children and their families, and their comfort and relief." It's a sad story and the stunning success of the U.S. 20 Views last century. Brooklyn child grows from the Italian - American American play of the most influential. He was president of the supped. The university tested. And career that will be celebrated instead of shame.