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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Turkey Quake as disaster

Disaster Management Bureau, said the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in eastern Turkey and seven people were killed on Wednesday, less than three weeks after the devastating earthquake in the same area, 600 killed.

Found twenty-three people are flat and debris from the survivor and seven earthquakes in the time of their life is missing, from a management disaster and emergency department head under. Deputy Prime Minister Bashir Atalay by the previously announced five-year mortality. How much human rubble under the rivet was clear he was not.

Television footage can be saved, find the rescuers show. Earthquake in 1923, when GMT eyes and Edremit 15 van of the province to kilometers (nine miles), centered in, and according to the Kandilli Observatory Istanbul-based pharme. 5.6 size of U. Geological Survey, set before it is 5.7 to improve it.

And Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu earthquake collapsed scene from the 25 buildings 0.22, was empty. "Search and rescue operations at three buildings are increasing," he added. Earthquake last residents of the panic driven. Television, said that the TV has two collapsed buildings and hotels in particular.

You know the hotels, which were that the death toll to rise as a number do not know. U. Geological Survey said the epicenter was 16 kilometers (10 miles), a van on the south, and five kilometers (3.1 miles), as well as deep. And fresh air quake zone to about 300 rescuers carried to the national television and also completed the arc lamp under mechanical excavators with a free one out. Fell on October 23, which is more than 600 people were killed and 4150 more than injuring the region's 7.2-magnitude earthquake strain bore.It was not. 
'It would be premature to say whether an earthquake or tremor,' said Professor Mustafa Erdik NTV director of the Kandilli Observatory. The subsequent declaration, the observatory said it was a separate earthquake. In the last earthquake, Turkey and many in Israel, including the countries, and Armenia, two countries with the frosty relationship to help you move on. Earthquake in Van province in many cells of Iran near, Van regional capital of more than 5,000, including the demolition, and construction standards of respect to lack of demand growth.

Turkey because of their many faults are inclined earthquake. In 1999, the two most populous area and northwest Turkey Industrial Development, and some 20,000 people strong earthquake death.  

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  1. Its really very sad news, but article is good.