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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Russia a new Breed by FBI

Anna Chapman is the largest Russian sleeper cells never turned a member of the band by the FBI, officials said. 29 - year-old former real estate agent, which was in Moscow, a Russian spies to adapt to the world after the Cold War a new breed of underwear models, due to a spokeswoman for the company to keep.

Jim and fellow gang member Frank Chapman said Figliuzzi Semenko, Michael, and young workers, who had traveled to DC to cover different depths - the area, technically skilled and work comfortably in Western culture, the name, they will not be able to use the FBI counter-espionage, Assistant Director. "They are very tech - savvy and intellectual, said," Figliuzzi, adding that Semenko fluent in five languages, including Chinese, respectively. Every radio station that is part of a second encrypted message to be sent through a wireless connection for communication with the state - of - art devices use a new generation of workers.

An invisible ink, handoffs money called "brush pass", and counterfeit documents, at the same time, 11 members of an episode of old spies, a strategy that has been used for centuries on the left. The sleeper cells of the Soviet people, for example, they work under false identities have been imagined, some stolen from the dead.

Veteran activists, everything was normal in Russia, where the passing years, he underwent intensive training. The fall of the Iron Curtain and open borders, and it appears that Moscow has realized that his training was as a result of two different approaches for necessary.With, a time tested and industry may be one of the state, "said the Russians and experiences", Figliuzzi.

His comments came Figliuzzi Monday and videos, tapes and documents that FBI oversight office, which provided a window on the contract almost continuous discharge. According to a written monitoring report, the witness and FBI agent Chapman, leggings and hats for purchase in Messi. After the arrest of cameras in a supermarket when roaming outside waiting for a Russian diplomat.

Surveillance video taken the day before his arrest, FBI agent and his Russian counterpart, processors, and Chapman, with a coffee shop, sitting clarify the situation. During the meetings of the pay phone on the other gang members in Brooklyn, Queens, New York near Columbus Park or walk shadowed. The FBI says an encrypted message, or in U.S. monetary policy, in many cases, worldly good appears to be far-reaching aim to break the highest levels of the transfer and exchange, as well as for roofing.

The FBI said Figliuzzi closely to manage the arena and a long time, and this is the point where the prosecutor's office was able to appear as Russian intelligence officer to penetrate the network is able to track. "There is a sense of their own, so we started to communicate," and the Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, Chapman and Semenko came to believe that their Russian handlers.

Freedom of Information Act request from the FBI, received in response to the Associated Press. Code of investigation - "Ghost Stories", also known as Documents published and synchronized. The FBI and the intelligence service officials said that while in deep cover secret agents and spies are not stolen, the Associated Press, the ultimate goal of progress. And friends of the government, "United States policy to establish a very close circle to get to the end," Figliuzzi.

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