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Sunday, 13 November 2011

News: Threat to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is safe and sound. Perry is set on a hillock, and death threats from the "marriage counselor, and" they are all a bunch of rumors.
In fact, a reality TV star, with Perry cast his new film, fans were surprised, and have no problem with their anger and frustration on their website at. One commentator, and Human Resources, Hudson wrote, "I am the film, Kim's marriage counselor in your motivation." I have no respect for the sacred institutions of marriage, Kim Kardashian. And will be treated as if it was a joke."

Casting news on the noise and not somewhere to go, but the Kardashian gossip from Hollywood Reporter confirms that no "truth". car was acting like a report, indicating that Kim was "high" is a joke, and Holly Robinson Peete has been assigned to the security of the Hollywood live.

Blacktress "We can not always rely on the mound Perry", "function" show, said Peete. "Thus, the 'blacktresses' unhappy pictures. All" in the criticism and rumors, Kim, who married Judith, consultants, best friend, lava, and the game is going to be adversity. Perry confirmed to TMZ, "is scheduled to work as planned."

Kim must be used in a huff. Just this week, and her former husband, the New York Post that her ex-husband when the marriage ceremony was held in full, Chris Humphries, was a lawyer, decided to come up with the ads. 

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