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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Police moved really wild protesters from NY

Police in helmets and shields on the clean pareche Zuccotti Park in New York City Neighborhood Finance, where protesters have camped occupies the movement to carry on Wall Street - New York (Reuters).

Office of the Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the New York City, demonstrators Park tents and tarpaulins, and removal of "temporary and should be left". Park near a crowd of hundreds of demonstrators and the police, and that the progress of the demonstrators had been fired. He said police spokesman Paul Browne, the city and the park owner, Brookfield Properties Bureau, demonstrators issued a publication that he soon became clear 01:00 (06:00 GMT) after the park clean.

Brown said the 15 people on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, he has been arrested. City of Brookfield, and the pilot decided that the "continuous Occupation of the health and Zuccotti Park garden that prevailed, and the city and the surrounding community first responders to impose a security risk." Brown said most people were left in peace, but there are still people refuse to leave a short pitch of the middle class group. The demonstrators said they want the land back to the park, but without their tents, and self.

Authorities to identify the bright lights of the garden, and the people to keep them away, and police cordoned off the site. Protesters set Sept. 17 Zuccotti Park camp on the financial system, they say, and enriched with most of the benefits the company. Movement of similar protests against economic inequality, Wall Street occupies, and in some cases, led by the police, violent conflict has been raised.

Tuttlebee Samantha (35 years) in the city of Brooklyn chapter of demonstrators to the medical tent in the garden when the assault was voluntary. He said they did not park the bus. "I am and put my arms behind my back up, and they were really wild," Tuttlebee. "We try and leave out of our mind." Police moved to the camp from Monday, demonstrators, anti-Wall Street Oakland, California, and sterilization, and the occupants of the tents down, when the Portland, Oregon, police confronted demonstrators, on Sunday about a 1000 estimate.

The protesters said on Wall Street and they were in on Thursday, is expected to close on Wall Street - the headquarters of the New York Stock Exchange - Carnival of the street, and economic discrimination against the two-month period of work anniversary party.

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  1. Nice Post and lets hope everything gets settled the earliest so that we can all