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Qubee Broadband


What is Qubee?

Qubee is the fastest broadband service introduced in Pakistan.  This service is available for both Home and Business uses. Now, to avail the fastest internet service is not any ambition to get. Qubee has made it easy and very convenient for people to use this amazing and fast speed of internet.

Internet is the best resource of this era where all people need it for their personal uses. Some people use it for their studies, some use it for their business or work purposes and just like all these people internet is the best resource to get researches and much more. This era (21st century) is much more dependent on technology and as every one knows Internet is the best invention of Technology.
Internet has revolutionized this era with convenience and comfort to the people.  Just like that qubee has revolutionized the era of internet in Pakistan with its fastest speed and excellent services.

Qubee is offering different Prepay packages and Postpaid packages. Here are it's details;

List of Prepay packages;

Card Amount Speed kbps Volume Valid Till
100RS 512 1GB 3days
250RS 512 3GB 7days
500RS 512 5GB 15days
1000RS 512 10GB 30days

Postpaid packages are as follows;

Package Details Speed Volume Amount
Discover8 512Kbps 8 750
Explore8 1Mbps 8 850
Discover12 512Kbps 12 900
Explore12 1Mbps 12 1000
Discover18 512Kbps 18 1000
Explore18 1Mbps 18 1200
Venture18 1.5Mbps 18 2000
Acquire Max 256Kbps Unlimited 750
Discover Max 512Kbps Unlimited 1250
Explore Max 1Mbps Unlimited 1500
Venture Max 1.5Mbps Unlimited 2400