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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mario Monti with Italy Government now

Mario Monti, the Italian economist, a new government is formed to try to agree to try to avoid financial disaster. Palace officials announced that the former president of the European Competition Commissioner, official commissions received from President Giorgio Napolitano.

Mr. Monte is currently managed by a Council of Ministers to establish and develop priorities and whether it has enough parliamentary support to govern effectively can. Hours earlier, the government of the structure of Silvio Berlusconi gave a stern appproval Mr. Monte, but stressed that it is not only long enough to implement economic reforms.

Berlusconi resigned Saturday, reluctantly and under pressure from the market. Monte was a first attempt to form a new government will be able to get to work, stressing that the nation can heal its financial killing. He said that this work will be done "from a sense of responsibility and service to this nation."

Italy and the resumption of growth, he said, "You will be healed", because today's leaders owe it to future generations.  

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