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Monday, 21 November 2011

Giant Eagle Game Report

Stand on the Philadelphia Eagles and New York on November 20 under the dark shadow of the shadow phase. Stand on it to play, Eagles found a way as to be dissatisfied with himself as the Philadelphia fans. If he was in New York yet, it's a bird killed and six weeks after the season officially began for Andy Reid to a bad call. But Philly's victory makes us wonder why this can not happen every season.

Stand on the war is not - Eagles Philadelphia does not think the vast majority of games - especially the birds alive in the fourth and got a win away from Vince Young (notes). In fact, this product can now wait until 17.10 the winner makes the team wonder why. The first three quarters, Eagles Club, and they perform a year for a large part of the show. For one thing, Stand on the elephant to the ground and it can not be found. On the other hand, DeSean Jackson (notes), it was a punt return for the first time since his last visit to the stadium MetLife. Vince Young, but he is more familiar with three interceptions, however, that Philadelphia does not hurt - at least for three quarters.

Ancient birds and Eli Manning (notes) throws the book Stand on it right after two tie commission appears ready to sign. With the score 10-10, and it was that young people give for returning the ball and fall asleep when I have to wait and Stand won by former powerful self-defense. But the best way or another, Stand on the ball does not go to youth up to 18 instruments at a run, plays the six third-down conversion, and Riley Cooper (notes) threw to the bottom.

This is like an engine, particularly in the last minute, and do not have these vultures. It was always elusive thing, but at this stage it is difficult to understand than the previous one. Philadelphia, where it was in previous versions of the 20-point loss to New York to the San Francisco 49ers in the polluted, or against the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals during the fourth quarter, or?

Even when the Eagles actually won a real team, and a delay of weeks before the star can be valuable because it is polluted by it. 6.4 or earlier will be much better if this kind of Philadelphia. This type, which is completely closed down the operation to keep the team, led by a star in the Gulf, around all of the instruments, and the defense wore down the opposition when it was likely to account for all the "Dream Team" roster.

It's really a fan of the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys, when they beat the Eagles in October. Turning gold, and to be empty after the next two years, and this victory is likely to determine the level of the path on the long-term look foolish. One night was not supposed to Philadelphia to see the same in every season. But it seems that it can display only two of the group and once or.   

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