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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Open News of CPS school closure guidelines

This year the school holidays from school, and in accordance with the instructions to focus on vessels that are not widely used, leaving two of the CPS, the weight of academic performance criteria for a vacation this year the greatest change in the list.

Suggested new state bill that outlines the process for the province should wake up and followed the instructions to close the school. December 1 - with the border, and co-ordination of prevention - under the new law, prosecutors will release a list of actions the school.

Some schools Prosecutors, awful the resulting statistics. "There is a major concern, and in some cases, a sense of fatalism," said Barbara Radner, director of the Urban Center, DePaul University education. "This school was established for many years in dozens of some, the list of people they are concerned."

And programs for dialogue of recommended guidelines with Parents, mendors and education staff the next section province, 21-day weight on guidelines for a lawyer. President Jean Claude - the schools targets for further input on the school Brizard. Prosecutors 1 to 3 on a scale that does not recognize school, supervision of school performance standard of the school.

As per the suggested guidelines, the idea for three successive years the school should be off and will be eliminated from the list if the school community and other schools, or the network can do to stop the whole region.

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