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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

News of Alaska Weather

Alaska and the Bering Sea on the remote, a storm the National Weather Service in accordance with "epic size" of the coast, and high winds and blizzard conditions to serve the local villages.

40-55 mile per hour winds along the coast 85 miles an hour with a whirlwind of energy. And a cautious forecast for 30-foot waves, and 80-10 feet above normal sea level. Even in the western state of Alaska, the windiest place in one, and this storm was a terrific way out of the ordinary.

"Worst of all Bering Sea, a strong wind and large scale storms, coastal flooding will be," he said in a warning from the weather service. "This storm is very severe and rare and epic size of life - will be threatened by the experience."
Low causes severe weather in the region and population density,. Naomi has a population of 3500 with the largest communities on the coast. Many small villages, Inupiat, and the Alaska State Office of Emergency Management, and people were warned to go to higher ground.

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