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Monday, 7 November 2011

Lady Gaga Lead with Awards of MTV

An amazing singer at last get her rewards for her unbelievable music and songs. Lady Gaga as we all know, is a best singer in the world and today she proved her talent while performing in Moon postures. The news of Lady Gaga has create a fire in all her fans heart to listen and watch her more and more. Lady gaga lead with four awards on MTV awards show.

Moves up six categories, four gongs and the best girls, best songs and biggest fan, a brand new way born, was named best video yet - eccentric singer - who is sitting on the moon sculpture prize, which is committed to al-Qaeda's most celebrated artists with the public.

Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Mars to 30 seconds each won the 'A' hitmaker debut win two awards, even the best and most popular pop music, and band selection in the developed world to Jared Leto and the cymbals at a good salary and reward the best of the best alternative, and Bruno artist at home.

BigBang from Korean boyband, who won the competition out of business, britney spears and take home the world's supreme law, while Eminem won Best Hip-Hop artist to pick the day's surprise.

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