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Sunday, 6 November 2011

News of Actress America Ferrera and her life

The following is my space and I intuitively. Betty as ugly at the end of this series, and what you need for your future you want, and sometimes you do not hear much about here, not sounds. I always have a very good environment. Now, not only for me, and I am creative.
I was a kid open, smiling and gregarious. Within 30 seconds of my friends are, where you can go. I fell seriously, and the grandfather of this interpretation. I want someone in the room, and I feel happy and important. America certainly is on the increase in my name. I would like to back a national story, it was big, but the truth is that my grandfather was a random event, a librarian who knew each type. I do not know his name when he was one of my mother is 14 April, after birth, and Latin America are not, and holidays, and America was not the issue. April 14, has a history of my country.
Unfortunately, once you start making a work of art, it is necessary to come. The plan involved. I was thinking: "How can I stay at my last job I can do?" If you have to ask: "Do you really want it, or I can state it?" Find one that is not only a feeling, it's an educated guess. I think that I share my life with someone who has taken some of my friends are. I am not an expert on marriage. I have been married for four months [to sit down and Director Ryan Williams. Are you sure you want to do, and does not promise any change in the ring to challenge yourself. The next day, in a good position to create a conscious commitment.
I was born in Los Angeles Latino fight. I feel very American. I still have it. I can quinceañera [Latin America, 15 in the women's gala celebration] I did before it went to 35 mitzvahs. I talk about, and what it can do. The first time in New York and a taxi from the hotel, and I just hit it in that light: about 24 hours a day in London and the clock closer to a sense of chaos. Whatever your problem, it is trivial. I am a very big small part. A good way to put yourself out there last year with some very scary. Dances and songs, and it terrifies [Ferreira Roxy Hart in Chicago, London, play me. But when it gets to September, and I ask you, and I said: "Well, why not?"
I miss mad. Whenever I'd love to talk about it, and I'm really homesick. There are still a part of me, and I played for four years and, of course, to get a clean line. "Oh my God, it's not ugly Betty" when they see a picture of me: I'm not sure I will not have to. I think it is ridiculous that people still feel shocked. This means that we have this discussion, I am!


  1. Sometime what you thing for it doesn't happen and sometime what you doesn't think of about it happens. So believe in yourself.

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