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Sunday, 6 November 2011

News of EID UL AZHA the grand day of Muslims

A great occasion is up to come tomorrow in Pakistan. This day is celebrated by all the Muslims with lot of passion and happiness. All the deserving people obey the rule of Sacrifice that was firstly introduced at the time their beloved Prophet (Hazrat Ibrahim. A.S). The sacrifice became the tradition for all the Muslims and now they celebrate it with honor, respect, passion and enjoyment. 
This day is called (EID-UL-AZHA). When people sacrifice their beautiful animals on the way to ALLAH to get HIS happiness and benefactions. Most of the villagers grow their animals by-self and some of the people bring their animals to the cities and sell their beloved animals to earn money. On this very respectful day all Muslims get up early and offer the prayer of EID-UL-AZHA and after that they came to their houses for the completion of pious tradition. After 2 and a half month later to the EID-UL-FITR this day came and all the people including children and elders enjoy their millions of happiness in less time and thanks to ALLAH the only creator of this world, who introduced this day through Prophets.

Children play the very important role in the enjoyment of EID-UL-AZHA. All the days and nights they play with their animals rather there may be cows, bulls, goats, camels, sheep whatever they or their elders bought. They take their animals to some grounds, parks to make them run and eat leaves and vice versa. They walk with their animal from street to street and get themselves loud in a crowed to tell everyone that they got a beautiful animal and they are really happy and enjoying their happiness more than anything else.   

This days brings million, billions, trillions and even unlimited happiness for the Muslims in the World. People of the entire world participate in this great event of Muslims and they also contribute and share their emotions with each other and thus EID-UL-Azha brings piece and prosperity and teaches us how to live together.