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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cutting the cost of assets of $ 7.3b in Congo

He is charged with international donors to the Democratic Republic of Congo ahead of elections in the Central African country next week for a blow on the fire sale of mineral resources and unfair to assume.

Documents uncovered by a British MP that the Congo, one of the world's poorest countries, President Joseph Kabila of the Republic of state mining assets overseen a series of secretly married to a U.S. $ 5.5 billion dollars (7.3 billion dollars) is lost. The country's net foreign companies, public activity in the last four years, during which the British Virgin Islands, out of the market value of off-owned sector and sales of some rich mines.

Unannounced, and invited any other offers - concessions for sale - one of the values ​​of 1 / 16, which went for. Congo's government, despite the fire sale of the responsibility on the international byanjaka. International Monetary Fund (IMF-) Democratic Republic of the Congo for the loan of U.S. $ 551 million two years ago, more transparency in the mining and conditional approval.

British MP Eric Joyce, who chairs the African Great Lakes and all the party groups. "Republic of the Congo, people are losing their natural resources, and tax revenue and jobs, such as the IMF-and the world's governments to agree to the Kabila government will enforce standards to achieve the" Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is decade of civil war, U.S. $ 20 trillion, and the consumption of mineral resources. The amount of money lost U.S. $ 80 per person in the country - the international aid budget for the entire country, which is valued at more than $ 3.1 billion U.S. dollars.

Republic of the Congo's budget accounts for half of Western aid. "This is the news that a big financial help to the serious attitude of the Congo, and the impact will be among the donors," said Jason Stearns, analyst Congo. Bahati said Modeste Lukwebo, Chairman of the Audit Committee of the National Economic and financial, being ignorant of the state government-owned mining company, declined to comment on that.

Kabila, who is ten years after coming to power, a strong anti-sizes of 28 November elections. He changed the Constitution of the United States this year, against the opposition candidate - to avoid a run off.

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