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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Syria suspend Votes by Arab League

President Bashar al-Assad in for a stinging rebuke, the Arab League voted Wednesday for his failure to take action immediately to implement a peace plan aimed at a ceremony last month in the country in turmoil, Syria overhang.

Suspension takes effect on Wednesday, the planning commission and the university this month will be determined by the delay, agreed with Syria to comply. University, which is 22 members, who met in Cairo, warned that the demonstrations against Syria and its economy stronger international business under the weight of the assignment has already been approved, you may be in the Arab countries experience economic and political approval.

"Syria and all of our dear country, and we decided that it hurts," said Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-thani of Qatar at the end of the meeting. "We hope to have a real reform to stop the violence, and Syria about the bold step to start a real dialogue." He pointed that the Arab countries in Damascus, the capital to their ambassadors from Syria, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, for example, some have already come out that quickly, has been taken.

The United Nations estimates, about eight months of bloodshed that killed 3,500 people in the country. League peace plan that Syria's armed forces from populated areas, release of political prisoners and the withdrawal of the opposition to start dialogue with the other measures. We need to break the hostilities.

The Arab League and saw how many of your own peace plan to respond to the challenge of being compelled to see the lion. In fact, there are likely to be seen off. He was still working in the Arab regional group, which is often what is going to Syria and to continue to isolate Damascus diplomatically stressed the seriousness of the criticism is ill. Assad's authoritarian rule and violence of civil war, the possibility raised in the proper Undermined by Israel, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are located on the border.

In Syria and Iran, Hezbollah and Lebanon-based, issued a stern warning that a close alliance against Syria and foreign intervention. And support the Arab League voted that Libya bombing campaign, which led to power more than 40 years after the overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, west of paved road. Jassim, Qatar on Saturday emphasized that the proposals have been moved to Syria was not an intervention.

League brokered peace agreement with Syria to ensure they comply with more than 500 prisoners after release, and amnesty for militants who surrender, and declared, "there is no blood on their hands."

Opposition calls for false moves, and he stepped up the attack on Damascus, especially in the central city of Homs, insurgency of the focal points, where rights activists say dozens have been killed in the last two weeks. On Saturday, the opposition, the political violence that has killed at least 18 people, Homs, with eight.

Assad said the government has control over his mind, but will fight Islamic insurgents financed from abroad. Damascus says killed more than 1000 and that the security and armed "gangs" ambushes, bombings and assassinations of a busy campaign.

The state League of Arab nationalism and Arab nationalism of our ruling as a symbolic blow to the discretion of the guardians. It was 2000 in his father, Hafez Assad, Syria and hard as a 30-year-old president, Bashar al-Assad after the death of the service.     

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