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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Facebook with new Software Company

WhoGlue the famous Software company has been acquired by the ever famous Facebook. What is Facebook and how the company had given the company Hardebeck Palo Alto, California, will be disclosed to and use of technology. The agreement to close this month. Logo can not be reached for comment. He said he was returning to purchase a brand Hardebeck enough, software and WhoGlue WhoWare, to be able to service a customer base that is independent of the recent Facebook. And his new company will operate under the name of WhoGlue LLC.

What about the management of software development, call on WhoGlue 2001. The U. S. Naval Academy and the University of Ohio State Varsity "O" Alumni Association of the graduates of long-term partnership with the Association as a group. In 2003, WhoGlue acquired intellectual property PolyPol, and start by improving backed by Siemens.

When you first signed with the company logo in September 2009 WhoGlue prosecute. The patent infringement WhoGlue Facebook, which is 2007 in the "information management system" to control personal information WhoGlue was awarded for the claim. Hardebeck said the lawsuit was resolved in March 2010. 

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