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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Is Justin really a baby Daddy?

Justin Bieber, baby Papa? His legal team and calls the allegations in the paternity suit newspaper "malicious, false, defamatory and clearly," and vowed to continue fighting for them. Pepper, meanwhile, has said that fans focus on other things.

Maria made Yeater, 20 years, and claim paternity filed Monday in Los Angeles, according to Star magazine, which said it has seen the lawsuit and announced handwritten by my mother for 20 years and one. A delegate of the Group of 17-year-Pepper legal outlets, including TMZ RadarOnline Tuesday and that, although not yet seen the lawsuit, "We will pursue vigorously all legal remedies available to the defense and protection of Justin against these allegations."

Pepper is currently promoting his new Birth holiday under the title of the album, and on Sunday, and will pick up one of the votes of the inaugural awards এমটিভি এমটিভি Europe Video Awards in Belfast, and in recognition of his efforts to raise millions for various charities. He also recently multibillionaire - 2 billion dollars, to be more specific - in the Department of page views YouTube.

That - in these allegations. Yeater said it was behind the scenes Pepper met at a party in Los Angeles on October 25, 2010, where she had a sex swap and then lost his virginity, knocking her up in this process. "I tried at a later time when I realized I was pregnant, the child Justin Bieber, and contact him through his representatives, but no one ever called me again," he told the court, according to the star. Gave birth to a son in the month of July 6, came in the case that there was no one else and she'd had sex with them.

Pepper said the newspaper team and there's no way he could be alone and behind the scenes with anyone in the concert. At least in this case, if the move all forward, and paternity test on the baby to answer some questions. That was a little harder in one case apparently mentally ill fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, who claimed to be the father of her unborn child after - a child she choose not to deliver, and he'd yet to take a wife to him. DiCaprio has been granted a restraining order for three years against Livia Bistriceanu in September 2010, more than two years after it said it was carrying his child.

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