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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Herman Cain got Blamed

Yesterday on 7th of November 2011, Herman Cain was blamed of Sexual harassment; revealed in news. This all incident done while a women was asking for a job. How is Sharon Bialek, a woman from Chicago, the National Restaurant Association, which works in the mid1990s Herman sexually repressed his search for a job when he was called Cain. Graphic detail, Bialek in July 1997, Washington, who left her shaken and confused in a meeting with Cain took place.
NRA Foundation, Bialek, who has a dinner, and Cain Cain has met several times and won new work on the abandonment. Natural Resources Authority on Monday afternoon confirmed that the Education Foundation, December 1996 until June 1997 to December Bialek. During the meeting, kept his hand under the skirt of Bialek Cain claims as he grabbed his crotch in the vicinity of a shock on the head when they were in the car.
He said: "This is what I came here not to Mr. Cain." The Republican candidate for president, said, according to Bialek, "you want a job, right?"

Immediately after the first incident Allred, Bialek, a housewife, mother, and is a registered trademark, a Republican, said his girlfriend, his lawyer, then the other. Presented a certificate to a press conference that Allred Bialek said. Speaking at a press conference in New York, which is not selected Bialek said, referring to the two women filed a complaint against Cain, "to give a voice to face the other woman" he said, but so far remains unknown. "I want you, sir, come clean, says Cain," Bialek. "I beg you, that this right .."

Week of the disturbance, two women - a higher purpose in the story behind the campaign and trying to Cain - Sharon Bialek, who went public with complaints this afternoon. Cain still stands after the race that develops in the province to hear. A survey of energy in the face of Cain voting surprise, thinking Post, ABC News and Washington, he welcomed the heat with the statistics of former Massachusetts Governor Romney in 2012, the original competition. Some of the strategies of the Republic and the analysis of how the scandal with the president, which means that some of the performance.

Silent Woman, while a press conference today, women making allegations against Cain was willing to talk to the public. This silence makes it difficult for people / sympathy to sympathize with the accused, they are both anonymous and public opinion in the eyes of those who have no voice.  

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