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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Divorce of Kim Kardashian

It does not bind a large fire, and by "high precision" (search), and the Beastie Boys of punk music, and some things to be long. Monday (Oct. 31), and you have a second wife, Kim Kardashian, you can add to the list. Kardashian, and commitments set forth in the State of New Jersey Nets forward on the towel in the most sumptuous royal wedding on television since the marriage of Chris Humphreys, and divorce papers and the exchange value of 72 days thereafter and was "irreconcilable differences."

$ 2,000,000 Humphries presented the engagement ring the size of a dog choking his lover, but it affects the slope Discount: 05.20 carats. In comparison, the average cost of a wedding band for $ 200,000. 5000000: Estimating the number of people who watch the "fairy story of the wedding, Kim Kardashian Event" é! , Who also married a sister of Kim, Khloe, and basketball player Lamar Odom, will be broadcast in 2009.
$ 10000000: cost of borrowing high-end jewelry Kardashian wearing her wedding day. $ 2,000,000: The cost for wedding flowers, including roses, white Africa. Some casinos also had a bowl of $ 7,500. $ 50,000: Cost Kardashian bachelorette party, who like many wedding expenses, and has been taken over by someone else, in this case, a nightclub in Las Vegas Jintao.
72 days: the marriage Kardashian Humphries. Six months / three months: a couple of time before the contract date and time that is incurred before the marriage. $ 50,000: rumors have cost her the beauty Kardashian, Chris Jenner, and before the ceremony. Four years duration of marriage, Kim, to music producer Damon Thomas.was. 1728: The total number of hours and marriage.
$ 1,000,000: value of billionaire Donald Trump in 2005, his marriage to Melania Trump spent. $ 16000000: How Humphries in his career as the NBA for seven years. (From $ 2.9 million in the 2009 season.) $ 0: How Humphries had so far this season to secure the NBA. $ 6,000,000: The Kardashian estimates obtained in 2010 thanks to a number of transactions and costs $ 75,000 to appear. 10/10/1: The Humphreys, rebounds and blocks in the image of a percent in the 2010-11 season. 0/0/0: He hit so far this year, thanks to insurance.
$ 60,000: the cost of $ 20,000 Tuesday Kardashian dress Vera Wang without charges to pay for the ceremony and later that night. 1.851 km: The distance between Los Angeles and nursery Humphreys Chaska, Minnesota.Note: Kim is the greatest number.


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