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Monday, 7 November 2011

Drake Album leak News

 Drake's latest album got leak and all the people came to know about his upcoming album. Without being so angry Drake asked to people to enjoy this album and he hope to get the reward for his albums; revealed in news.

Hamsa "service" is the most anticipated albums of 2011 and it found its way to its release a week ago. It was the first track of the pair - "God knows," and features Rick Ross, and the title track, featuring Rihanna - Hip-Hop album that leaked from the star and female students. Now the whole "there are" things, tweet, he asked, "Listen, it is up to enjoy the next time, if you want to buy it ... and care." While most albums inevitably leak drake, jay-Z and Kanye West and his administration is expected by the summer of footsteps to follow, except for official release in history where the leak was "throne, watch".
"Services", November 15, formally of the same decision today on a duck's, patriot center, after the cancellation can be obtained from the game. Last year, the number 8 on our list, Chris Richards, the top-2010 of 10 albums to check, "I thank the" .

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